Friday, October 31, 2008

Live from Google Dev Fest

Yo , we're here @ Google Dev Fest Bangkok

Not sure what today all about .. but some kinda Fun , i think.

Google Dev Fest Bangkok

@Chula - Engineer


we’re coming , just registered.

We sat at 4th row. Good location here.


About to start. Guys from Google over stage.

DevFest asia -> Shanghai , Beijing , Singapore , Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok :)


Wifi down :(


Start Google API session , What does ‘social mean ? umm .. good question.

idea is just about to leave user management for social network do the jobs , we developer do create good application by using social network API.

The problem is too many different social network & API out there , why don’t we have a OpenSocial API.

Introduction to OpenSocial -> 19+ implemented containers , 3000+ application , 400m users -> hi5 , imeem , yahoo , myspace , friendster

main target for fight with FACEBOOK!!!

14.30 - 15.00

Boring API .. ZZzzzzz........


Play with hi5 api , really interesting to play with opensocial api .. Yeah i got my “Hello World”

16.00 - Break !! Free Water !!


Google Map API session

wow , she’s googler .. women !!

Tons of new Google Map API .. but internet up / down all the time .. how do we know what is it look like. I don’t think we could use this place (Chula) for any event anymore.

17.00 - Break !!

We would have Rich-Box (he’s tried to joke with thai word ข้าวกล่อง) after 18.00 .. Thanks God.

17.35 - Start with Social Network

This Googler guys speech with latin absence .. more difficult for listener than indian, i think.

Superb Boring ... all about coding. I don’t think seminar could setup for a good api walkthrough.


Time for Dinner.


Present from Partner - eXo Platform

Present by .. CEO .. wow , i love this job title you know.

Open Source Collaborative Tools, for Enterprise, 87 employee. They also develop web as OS. Really Cool !! ... Look like mac osx but use windows xp background. lol


E27 - Singapore .. To promote investment program with 1.2m bath .. but you have to setup ur company in singapore , then you must have someone on ur company hold singapore national .. i like this country ..


Google App Engine !! That’s what i’d waiting for whole day !!

Wow there’s GOOGLE job post for thai software engineer position : D

“French are sucking”

“There’re some stinky French people in google also”

Pamelafox (googler girl)

21.00 - still google app engine

21.15 - still google app engine

21.30- still google app engine

21.45 - stil google app engine .. err

22.00 - Finish !! Yeah finally !!

Everyone get T-Shirt as a prize for living til 22.00 .. longest dev-event i'd ever seen before.

Summay :

The event for coder .. hard coder .. this could boring for most of non-hard-coder guys but one of the things a love here is how friendly googlers are. Unlike microsoft , ibm , sun and others guys who pretend to be cool but not.

Googler guys very self motivation , cool and ... sure ... geek. ( i love this word )

Thanks Googler , may the g-force be with you.

Happy Halloween Night